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Omsco Group is preferred exporter for sesame, peanuts, dates and dried fruits

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We offer the following agri-commodity products for export in bulk: 

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Omsco Group of Companies

Omsco Group was founded in 2008. We started with Egypt Gardens and during 12 years we have grown into close-knit group of companies. Our wide team of commodity trade professionals, with more than 30 years of experience, has been in supply chain and food trade, exporting internationally Sudanese white and red sesame, peanuts.
Our Group includes: • Pioneer Trading Co.• Fakiireldin Balla for Export & Import, • Mohamed Abdullah AlQusiyer EST for Food, • Optimum Food Solutions, • Optimum Medical, • Smart Medical Solutions.

We export agricultural products

We sell for export and supply premium Sudanese sesame seeds, peanuts, soya beans from Sudan and dates from Saudi Arabia. We also offer dry fruits in bulk for the wholesale and for factories. We are suppliers for a number of factories and food producers, internationally.

We always work with every customer to make sure that they get highest quality products on time. We offer best pricing and multi-shipping solutions.

Dedicated managers

One of our highly professional and dedicated Manager will support your purchase for the entire process.

Multiple warehouses

We operate multiple drop off and pick-up locations to deliver goods to you as fast as possible.

Tailored solutions & special expertise

Our aim is to optimise and improve your supply chain fo save costs and time.
We are international import & export group of companies with experience in agri-commodities trade. We supply high quality sesame seeds and peanuts, and provide service and value as the priority.
We are direct supplier who is experienced in door-to-door delivery of sesame, nuts, dates, seeds, dry fruits and other food in large quantities in bulk, containers for wholesale. 

Omsco Group trades sesame, nuts, dates and other commodities in bulk for export/import. We deliver large containers to Europe, Russia, USA, China and other countries.

Contact us today and our dedicated Trade Manager will take care of all logistics and paperwork. You will get the  shipment delivered to your door hassle free and on time!

We deliver to most destinations of the world in shortest terms.  Private label and custom packaging are available for large orders.

Contact us today and we will start the Partnership between our businesses!
Benefits of working with us:
  • Large network of reliable vendors and suppliers, with whom we have been working for the past 15 years
  • Flexible logistics: we deliver in most parts of the world
  • Wide network of warehouses and logistics centers in the key ports
  • International team of experts who are proficient in the every step of supply chain, logistics, shipments, trade and commodities markets. Moreover, they know the cultural peculiarities when dealing with different nationals
  • Flexible pricing and payment system
  • Premium quality and ultimately high sanitary standards. All products have undergone strict quality control at the every step of its way to your doors

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