Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is an edible, dried gummy exudate from the trees of some countries. It is easily dissolved in water to produce colloid solutions, which are characterized by low stickiness and viscosity.

Many countries are using Gum Arabic in their traditional medicine and in daily applications for several diseases. It is considered as a pain reliever, base as a glue.

In addition, it can be processed in a variety of ways in various applications, such as food or biomedical applications because it could treat a wide variety of ailments.

Gum Arabic plays an important role in rural life, providing steady income for rural households, especially in drought years when crops fail. The unique composition of gum Arabic is great for both the food (dairy products) and nonfood industries.

Gum Arabic offers physiological and nutritional advantages to these people who require low-calorie, fiber-sustained foodstuff.

Sudan is considered the world’s leading country in production of gum Arabic, followed by a number of other African countries. Omsco Group supplies the gum Arabic in very delicate way to preserve its unique characteristics.


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