Storage Terms For Peanuts


For peanuts to arrive on a kitchen table, they make a long way from a farm country, where they are stored in a warehouse, sorted, packed, shipped, stored at buyer’s warehouse, sent to various grocery stores, with a many steps in between for all interactions, such as meticulous quality checks and certifications.  It is vital to maintain strict food safety terms at every step to ensure that peanuts keep the same characteristics as it were at the beginning of their journey from the farm. 

Every manufacturer and seller of food, such as peanuts, is taking proper care and continuously maintaining strict sanitary conditions – because the product can spoil easily. If due to storage conditions, peanuts loose their nutrition value and taste, the seller will lack their profit, reputation and clients – they even risk to be penalized from authorities for improper sanitation adherence.

Peanuts contain a high amount of unsaturated fat, a delicate type of oil, which makes them highly prone to going rancid. Spoilage is accelerated even more in the presence of light, oxygen, and heat. It’s very important to store nuts correctly to ensure maximum freshness and taste. A heart-healthy snack, bulk nuts can become rancid quickly if not stored correctly. Especially when exposed to heat because of their high fat content. Once the oils in nuts go bad and they become rancid, there are no way to fixing them.

Depending on a type of peanuts, the storage terms are up to 1 or 2 years. Provided they are stored in accordance to all requirements and standards.

Finally, when peanuts arrive at a kitchen table, how could we store them in a best way?

If you are planning to use them soon, a pantry or cupboard will do. But for the longest storage time, a refrigerator is better. Refrigerated peanuts will last two to three times as long as unrefrigerated ones. Seal the peanuts in an airtight container like a sealable plastic freezer bag or tub. Unshelled peanuts stored in a pantry should last for one to two months, while peanuts without shells can go bad within a few weeks. Shells have no affect on how long you can store refrigerated peanuts.

when peanuts arrive at a kitchen table, how could we store them in a best way?

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