Nuts Round

Omsco Group of Companies is a global trader for bulk nuts who adds value through bearing and navigating the inherent risks in international trade, and providing that necessary liquidity to the market. We selectively choose raw and roasted nuts from our strategic partners located in Sudan. Our global network helps secure beneficial pricing and minimize time for delivery.

Nuts and seeds are high in protein. A great natural source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fibre. The peanuts are rich in omega-3 and can be used in juices, sauces, dressings, stir fry cooking and baking goods.

Peanuts from Sudan

Sudan is one of the largest producers of peanuts in the world and the third largest exporter after India and Ethiopia.

To learn more or to get in touch with our grain specialists, please contact us by call or WhatsApp +971 55 350 1591.

We have selected for you the peanuts from the best areas of Sudan, famous for its highest quality and taste.
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