Sudanese rose

Hibiscus tea or Karkade tea is made of dried flowers of hibiscus, the so-called Sudanese rose. In Sudan the plant is actually grown on commercial scale, as well as in Egypt, it is considered as one of the most common plants for the beauty of its flowering and indeed, the flowers of this plant are large in size, pomp and pleasing to the eyes with bright color.

An interesting fact is that each hibiscus flower blooms for a very specific amount of time, namely, twenty-four hours, no more, no less. However, this plant is endowed with a huge number of buds, which allows you to extend the flowering period for a very long period of time, starting with the early spring days and until autumn. This flower is considered as herbal and full of the natural oils. As a herbal tea it contains many minerals and vitamins. Moreover the chemicals in hibiscus flower help in hair growth, reduce dandruff and makes the hair black. The fiber from this stem is qualitative and this can be used in manufacturing of clothes, nets and paper.

Hibiscus is one the great gifts of creator to this world as it can be used for many purposes. It is the source of food and medical use. Hibiscus tea has delicious taste and caffeine free with lovely fragrance. The dried hibiscus is edible and can be used for food.


Omsco Group sells large amounts of hibiscus and exports it to numerous countries of the world.  
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