Red sesame

Sesame seeds come in a variety of different colors: white, black, red, brown and tan. White sesame seeds are more commonly used than the other such as the red ones. Both have different flavors: the white sesame seeds have a delicate, nutty flavor while the red ones have a bitter taste and are used primarily for their visual appeal.

There are many different ways to enjoy the red sesame seeds: you can roast them, use them as flavoring in marinades and sauces, or as a spread, its color will add a very beautiful touch to your dish! If you add red sesame seeds into your cuisine, your meal may taste slightly bitter. On the other hand, if you wish to have a sweet-tasting dish with nice color just you have to hulled the red sesame seeds will deliver that flavor,  it will be a delicious meal with nice color and healthy meal full of iron, because iron content is what adds the red color.

Red sesame is not only full of iron, it also is a good source of manganese, it is rich in copper, good source of calcium, rich in phosphorus, rich source of vitamin B1 and zinc, you could get the whole natural value!

Omsco Group’s red sesame contains pure taste,  freshness and aroma with high nutritional content hence proves beneficial for health.

Any hamburger buns, bread, pastries and even cereal will be tastier with the red sesame especially if you know that the red sesame are pure.

Our sesame plant’s flowers develop into pods, which contain the seeds we know and love. These pods open when the seeds are ready, as we say, “Open sesame!”

White sesame and red sesame are our main products. We grow them with care and love and deliver to your doorsteps.
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